Firmware Update Unifi

 1. Download the firmware to your computer by opening the Release post and clicking on your device’s Firmware Download link.  See the Custom Upgrade section for more details on where to find the firmware link.

2. Use the scp command on a terminal such as the Terminal application in macOS and Linux, or PuTTY on Windows to transfer the firmware file to the device. For a UniFi Security Gatewayrename the file to upgrade.tar and then transfer the file to the /home/<username>/ folder on the USG. If the USG is in factory default state, the username is ubnt. If the USG has already been adopted, then use the SSH username.

scp </folder path/firmwarefile.bin> <user>@<IP of device>:/tmp/fwupdate.bin

Example for UniFi Access Point or UniFi Switch:

scp /Users/root/Desktop/BZ.mt7621_5.60.1+12923.210416.1641.bin root@ 

Example for UniFi Security Gateway:

scp upgrade.tar ubnt@

3. When prompted for a password, use the same one used for SSH, set in the Device SSH Authentication section.

4. SSH into the device and issue the following command to initiate a local upgrade:

If updating a UniFi Access Point or UniFi Switch use: upgrade2 &

If updating a UniFi Security Gateway modify the command and use:

sudo upgrade upgrade.tar