How to make a password on a file or folder on Android

for those of you who are still confused how to create a password in a file or folder see the review below Make a password in the apk file or other things that many people use, especially if you are a YouTuber, surely you will create a password on the file. Why? Yes, the Youtuber wants to give a password with his own desires or they want to give the password in the middle or at the end of the video. Because they want the video to be watched until it finishes no skip :)

How do you create a password?

First you have to install the ZArchiver application after it is entered in the application. Then find which file you will provide the password with After meeting long press the file and then compress the file. 

You can make the name itself in the file with what you want Select the zip format at the bottom, just fill in the password that you want when finished, click save

Save the file in a different folder so you don't get confused later because after the file is compressed there will be 2 files. The one original file is the one file that you created earlier.

You can also create a password with other applications. Besides Zarchiver. But my recommendation is just zarchiver because it's easy to access and not complicated.

How easy is not the way?
Good luck ... regards to success always don't forget to stop by again here !!

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